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PSIC Synth Jam

  • Milepost 5 850 Northeast 81st Avenue Portland, OR, 97213 United States (map)
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Artists Milepost has been an excellent sponsor and host for this event, so huge thanks to them! 

The event takes place in the ArtHaus Cafe on the south side of the building.

Arrive any time after 7 pm to start jamming by 7:30. If you have the ability and desire, bringing one extra item allows us to set up a table with random stuff to try out. This is great for walk-ins, newbies, or others who want to check stuff out. I'll set up some volcas or a Casio SK-1 here, for example.

The setup is 4 tables. Each has 2-4 players plugged into a mixer that lets everyone at the table jam through headphones. Each table has their own mix and one table has a speaker. 

1. At least one power outlet per person. Good practice is to bring your own power strip in order to have enough. 
2. At least two 1/4" audio inputs. This may be stereo or mono, depending on the others at the table. 
3. At least one 1/4" headphone input. Some have 1/8" available, but not all. 

1. A power strip that can handle all your plugs and/or 2 hours of battery power.
2. Appropriate cables to mix down to two stereo 1/4" outputs (standard instrument cable size)
3. Headphones with a 1/4" connection
4. Any synth, drum machine, or other electronic instrument; the weirder the better (no computers please...this group focuses on hardware.)
5. MIDI and/or sync cables. Each table will decide how to run their own clock.

Labeling your stuff is a great way to help me return it if something gets left behind. 

Please RSVP if you plan to attend, and let's jam!